Leverage your location.

uCity Square is located within a Keystone Opportunity Zone and a Keystone Innovation Zone. As a result, certain tax incentives and abatements are made available to companies located here, in order to stimulate economic development and community investment. For more information, please contact our leasing and development teams.

City of Philadelphia Tax Abatements

  • Philadelphia Business Income & Receipts Tax (BRIT)
  • Philadelphia Net Profits Tax
  • Philadelphia Sales & Use Tax
  • Philadelphia Real Property Tax
  • Philadelphia Use & Occupancy Tax

Pennsylvania State Tax Abatements

  • PA Corporate Net Income Tax
  • PA Personal Income Tax
  • PA Capital Stock/Foreign Franchise Tax
  • PA Insurance Gross Premiums Tax
  • PA Bank Shares Tax
  • PA Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax
  • PA Sales & Use Tax (purchases consumed and used by business in the Zone)

Pennsylvania State Tax Credits