A new brewery in University City is already making history as its doors open to the public.

On Friday, January 26th, Two Locals Brewing Co. begins their soft launch at its brick-and-mortar location at uCity Square (3675 Market Street). The 6,000 square feet brewpub strives to provide a “cultural” experience and a “chill time out.” It is the first Black-owned brewery in Pennsylvania — a feat that owners/brothers Richard and Mengistu Koilor don’t take lightly.

“Although we love drinking beer and discovered a passion for making it, the lack of Black brewers and Black breweries is what really put us on our mission to open this brewery,” Richard Koilor says. “We want to be an example that even if you have a passion where you are the minority, you can carve out a path for yourself and do it on your terms and with your own flavor, style, and grace.”

Currently, Black brewers make up less than 1 percent of the total number of brewers in America according to the Brewers Association. In Pennsylvania, Two Locals is currently the only one of its kind, with Harris Family Brewery, of Harrisburg, currently in the process of being a potential second.

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