Places are more than just geographical coordinates on a map; they possess a character, a soul, and a unique identity that is as rich and diverse as the people who inhabit them.

Philadelphia’s Navy Yard District is proof of that. And so is 3675 Market.

Located within a Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) in the heart of uCity Square, 3675 Market sits at the intersection of world-class universities, research institutions, academic medical centers, and dynamic neighborhoods.

The 16th building within the uCity Square campus, 3675 Market opened its doors in 2018. Developed by the Science Center, Wexford Science + Technology, and Ventas, it’s the tallest commercial life science/science/biotech/research building in Philadelphia at 14 stories.

Managed by the Science Center and Wexford Science + Technology, who are also tenants of, 3675 Market is home to CIC Philadelphia, Amicus Therapeutics, Century Therapeutics, Carsima Therapeutics, Drexel CCI, along with many, many more.

As soon as you walk through its doors, a profound sense of awe, and a palpable sense of excitement envelop you. And how couldn’t it?! The lobby is bustling with a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capitalists, and innovators from all backgrounds. Vibrant colors shout from nearly every corner. But they don’t knock you down, they boldly embrace you and invite you in to further explore the creativity and innovation that lies within.

If you haven’t visited 3675 Market, you need to. And regardless of whether you have or will, here are 20 things that you should definitely know about [or that are, at the very least, fun to buzz about] some of the tenants and happenings within 3675 Market.

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